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A Psychological Thriller by J.C. Bidonde

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About The Book

Alexa lives a sheltered life with her widowed father, feeling stifled by his helicopter parenting. When she secures a marketing job and apartment in New York City―much to her father’s and therapist’s concern―Alexa has high hopes of finally sneaking her way into adulthood. But her newfound freedom is cut short when her estranged twin sister Beth, after a long stint in a psychiatric setting, unexpectedly shows up at the doorstep of her tiny apartment.

Alexa too has spent time at the Weinstein Center. But she’s determined to lead a normal life now and soon begins to date a YouTuber client. According to Beth, something isn’t quite right with Curt, but Alexa shrugs her clingy sister’s warnings off. It’s Beth who’s crazy, after all . . . As the sister bond grows strained over Alexa’s relationship and career success, questions mount, and secrets unfold, revealing the wickedly dark shared history of the twin siblings. What exactly happened when the twins were only nine that set this vile trajectory in motion?

Things get more complicated, and one treacherous act threatens everything Alexa has been working toward. It will be on her―and Beth―to claw the way out of this situation.

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About The Author

J.C. Bidonde earned a BA in Journalism from the University of Colorado and an MBA in Marketing from San Diego State University. She is a former blogger and used to work in television at ESPN and MTV. A longtime reader and first-time author, Bidonde dreams of writing her next novel from an Italian villa in Tuscany with her husband, two dogs, and cat.